Diskless Part 2: Adding Games

Diskless Part 2 : Adding Games

Before we start make sure you watch and read the Part 1 of this tutorial, click this link if you want to see Diskless Part 1 : Server and client installation 

Two option to copy games installer to Client PC

  1. Enable super client and Login then download and install the game.
  2. Or If you have already the copy of the installer copy and paste it on your Game disk (Q). Then run client  PC under Supper Client mode and install the games. Make sure the super client PC was turn off, you can’t paste anything to your Games Disk if the Super user is Online.

To enable super client follow the image below

Take note: Make sure that you install the games on your Game Disk (Drive Q in my example) not on your Drive C

Installing Online Games

Cyber Hunter : No error encountered during installation and Game testing.

Rules of Survival : I got this error while installing this games

I tried two solution and its work but I’m not sure which one solved the issued, here’s what i did

  1.  Installed dxwebsetup found on ROS directory , that is direct X setup.
  2.  And set the ROS.EXE to run as Administrator

Installing/Adding LAN Games

Adding LAN games is like installing games on your regular PC, some games work on copy and paste procedure no need to install like, counter- strike, GTA San Andreas, Plants vs Zombie, counter-strike xtreme V6, Left4Dead2, Call of Duty – Black Ops etc and some games need to install it manually. Add shortcut to your desktop if needed.

Take note: The location of your LAN games must be on your Game Disk drive.


After you installed all games and place all the shortcut on the desktop shutdown the super client PC. Go back to your CCBoot main program. Right click your Super client PC and click Save to Image

Then right click the super client PC and disable the Super Client mode, click YES on pop-up windows “Do you want to update the image” . New pop-up windows will appear ” Do you want to create recovery point for (name of your Image)” click Yes and put any description you want. You will be needing that restore point if you want to undo your changes.  And press Okay it takes time to finish. And your done.


Things to remember:

  • If you want update any setting on your client PC, or you need to update/ patch the online games or add new LAN games, you need to enable one super client PC before you can changes anything on your client PC.
  • You cannot add any files to your Game disk from your server if the super client is online.
  • Click “save to image” and “update the image” to saves all your changes made.


Watch or click this link for video tutorial



click this link for Part 1 :  Diskless Part 1: Server and Client installation



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