How to repair LED Monitor (LG Flatron w1642S)

How to repair LED Monitor (LG Flatron w1642S)

Most of the trouble on the Computer monitor are, no display and no Power. Make sure you’ll done troubleshooting on your desktop Computer, and you conducted several testing to confirm that your monitor is defective not any part of your system unit.

Take note: Be careful on repairing any electronics device, safety first don’t ever forget to unplug the power source before opening any electronics equipment. For safety capacitor need to be discharge, you may research first on how to discharge a capacitor.

Disclaimer: I’m not liable for any damages may occur following this tutorial, you have to be careful all the time or better call an authorize service personnel to fix your device.

First step is to remove the monitor stand, flip your monitor on clean and flat surface (any foreign or solid object may damage the LCD) and remove the monitor stand. afterward flip your monitor facing in-front the led monitor and remove the front cover. Be careful removing the front cover it might be break while you removing.

Once you have already remove the side cover flip the monitor and gently remove the back cover.

Remove the stainless plate at the left side and the two wires be careful it has a lock at the the upper part. Once remove, lift and remove the circuit plate cover, check if their a wires that need to be remove on the right side.


From this position  unscrew the circuit board and full out.


Now you have a clear sight on the circuit and all electronics parts on the circuit, look for any bloated capacitor. You may use your Multi tester to test some of the component, but some cases replacing bloated capacitor may solved the monitor problem.

After replacing bloated capacitor re assembly the unit make sure to install all parts base on their original position. Test the monitor before you close the front cover.


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