WordPress- How to remove author meta (about the author)

Removing Author- meta

Normally blog post are supposed to show the author name and other meta data like date and category.

However some blogger don’t want to show the author name of their blog.

In this article, i will show you how to easily remove about the author from WordPress post without using any plugins.


This is what looks like

Before we begin, be sure you have created a backup of your website, if your done with your backup let’s proceed.


First lets check what is that box is, to do that , while  you are on your website using google chrome right click and select ” inspect” if you are using Firefox select ” inspect element (Q).


at the bottom type about the author under search html 

Now to hide about the author, log-in to your wordpress admin page, to go Appearance > Header  select additional CSS and encode the following and click publish

.mh-content .widget-title,
.author-box { display: none; }


That’s it , your done !!!!



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  1. Ohhh, CSS style of hiding the display of the author meta does work. This is a good option since it is a light weight solution to the problem (compared to installing a plugin that will slow down your page’s loading speed).

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